Top 5 reasons to join in a Yoga session.

yoga image1. Balanced Lifestyle – Develop the balance you need as a human. Humans are busy leading busy 21st century lives. Yoga allows you to work in rather than working out. By slowing down and breathing, deep breathing, yoga helps you center yourself and trains you to breath properly, open up the air ways, and allow your breath to help create positive energy in your body. A simple extended out breath activates our parasympathetic nervous system necessary for inner peace and calmness. Breathing becomes a powerful tool to de-stress our mind and body and bring awareness to the present moment. Slowing down and recharging is necessary for all of us, although we each need different amounts, its important for creating a balanced lifestyle. Try it now as you sit on your phone or device. Close the eyes, take a deep breath in, hold it for 3 seconds and then calmly and fully breathe out. I’ll bet you’re more relaxed already.


2. Self-love – stillness is one of the best ways to reconnect to your inner self, your true self, in yoga we call this Atman. Connecting to yourself deepens your own personal relationship to you, and who better to get to know but yourself. You learn to let go of the ego and love and accept yourself for who you are. It’s only then the ripple effect of love can spread to the love and acceptance of others.

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