Testimonial – Michael Morris. Age Group Triathlete.

Testimonial – Yoga for Triathletes Session at the Matty White Training Camp.

Like most age group triathletes, fitting everything in that our peers suggest is always hard to achieve and see merit in when looking from the outside and I am sure we have all have developed our own unique and individual priority list consciously or even subconsciously which may result in not doing all we can do to make us better to achieve our goals.  Until something brakes this mode or forces its way in, we may never get to experience something new that inevitably can be great for you or just what you needed without you ever fully realising.  This happened to be me recently when Amber Heaft held a ‘yoga for triathletes’ class at a recent Triathlon training camp I attended.  Deep down I have had the inkling that it would be good for me but I just hadn’t given it the time it deserved to make it happen, but joining the session immediately had an impact and realisation that I had been missing this, not only in my physical training program but also for my mental wellbeing with the management of all the stresses of everyday work and family life.  This one session has made such an impact to change the course of my future with this, maybe it was the location, maybe Ambers voice or maybe its my body and mind finally telling me enough is enough and a sense of wellbeing is just as important as physical fitness…if this sounds in tune with you I highly recommend to just give it a go, just be warned…you may just find a new session to program into your routine but one I guarantee will become close to priority 1.  Thank you Amber for opening me up to yoga and all its benefits, it was a small nudge I needed and my body and mind will be thankful for you in the coming years.