Whos Rudy Goose?

Our Mission:

To inspire people around the world to live active, adventure packed, soulful lives. Through our exclusive events, programs, workshops and retreats, you will gain insights into the lives and adventures of women around the world, our tribe will inspire, encourage and motivate you to create a life with purpose, adventure, freedom and self love, through soulful living!

Our Vision:

To build a tribe of like-minded people who want to get the most out of life and be the best version of themselves through balanced soulful living. Women who are on a path of self love, who love to experience living active soulful lives. A place where you feel inspired, gain tools for positive change and begin to live your soulful life.


Meet the founder….

Hi, I’m Amber. I have been passionate about soulful active living my whole life. Im a strong believer of living a holistic balanced lifestyle for overall happiness. I remember being taught in primary school,  you can do anything you dream of, so dream big and follow your passions! I went on to higher education, missing out on my first preference of human movement into uni by a couple of points I settled to study education and become a teacher. After completing university I went to TAFE and studied my certificate III and IV in fitness, I continued to study and work in the areas of health and fitness alongside my teaching, knowing my passions lied in helping people lead balanced,  healthy lifestyles and be the best versions of themselves they can be. Through my studies in education, health and sports coaching I have become fascinated with psychology and how the brain works, its a powerful tool that I feel is important to educate ourselves about. This has led me down the path of sports coaching, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy. These tools have not only helped me immensely, I know they will help others. In a world of emerging distraction and disconnect, the need for self-love, movement, clarity, connections and soulful living is ever so strong. I look forward to sharing a journey of soulful living with you.

My credentials;

Holistic Life Coach

Hatha Yoga Teacher

Meditation Training

Mindfulness Coach

10 year Exercise Coach experience

Advanced Postural Assessment and Correction

6 years triathlon competition including numerous state and world championships titles

Triathlon and Recreational Running coach

Metabolic Typing Nutrition Coach

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Physical Education and Health Teacher